The Other Thing With Feathers

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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First sucker: thejakeyl88

How many is that now?

and the bird obsession continues…

I love the bird shirts, but this one is just too dark for me.

It’s not a silhouette though.

Congratulations on the print, David. Very interesting style and design.

This is my first black shirt, and I honestly think the eye color is awesome in this shirt. The brown and black will match most anything I wear, and I like how the top of the design is more off centered. A pretty cool design, and I’ve been waiting for a black shirt that I could wear. 2 sweet dailys in a row…

The shirt condition is “morbird.” Right, obviously a play on “morbid,” but it could also be read as “more bird.” Awesome.

do you think he even knows what hes buying when he clicks i want one?..

i really like this design but i’ve bought so many woot shirts lately i don’t want it to look like i have a problem.

Despite the fact that it’s yet another bird shirt, I actually really like this. The dark, slightly creepy tone makes it a little more interesting/unusual than the usual avian fare, and for some reason, this evokes thoughts of the works of Neil Gaiman.

First shirt in weeks I’ve been seriously tempted to purchase … might have to sleep on it and make a final decision in the morning.

mang… thats cool as shit

but i just got 3 random shirts… i guess i gave 2 away (to my brother and one to his gf) and my other one was just OK … (it literaly just says OK and thumbs up)

anyway… i dont need black :frowning: otherwise… i would have …
damn… shirt.woot is now 50% of my shirt collection

Very unique, haunting design, but not for me. Congrats on being selected, good luck on selling out.

Wear this: While in Boomkin

All my life, I was only waiting for this moment to arise.

Yes I do, I saw a black shirt which is what I’ve been waiting for and really I’m only looking at a glace the colors and the design in general. I did not like the last bird shirt that was radical looking, it was on a creme color shirt. Even though I like creme shirts a lot I didn’t buy it. There have been plenty of shirts I just pass up on an instant. Its all first impression to me. I mean first, instant, impression. If I don’t like it right away without even thinking about what I’m seeing, just on my first impression then I don’t ever reconsider. I just don’t get it. If I like it on the first 1-2 seconds of seeing it, I buy. It just so happens there have been many shirts I’ve liked recently.

Those eyes though, are awesome. Really caught my attention.

Lol :smiley:

This shirt is peculiarly intriguing, I’ll prolly bite.

I like the design, but reminds me a bit of a tim burton version of chicken little (the animated one that came out a couple years ago)

grats on the print, Dávid.

I’m still concerned as to the brushstroke/smears we’ve seen and how well they’ll actually print. I must say though, I’m intrigued by the drawing itself.

awesome design definitely in for one

Went ahead and pulled the trigger … there are so few shirts I like lately, I kinda had to grab one of these while the price was right.

Besides, this will look damned hot with pleather pants and a buttload of guy-liner.