The Owl Keeper

This is totally owlsome! Love it.

Great details as always. Woot!

Very cool mecha owl… so many details build an amazing sense of caught in a moment

Man, your style is really awesome. So glad to have you here.

The line work, detail, and light effects are incredible on this one. Not to mention it appears to be original art and not a homage to something (unless I’m mistaken).

Fantastic. I might actually have a woot shirt purchase today for the first time in a while.

Little Danny Dreiberg’s earliest tinkerings.

Whoooooo is that again?

This is beautiful – I wish it was a book. It makes me think of The Invention of Hugo Cabret, but better. Because: Owl!

There was a mechanical owl, Bubo, in the original movie Clash of the Titans.

I don’t think this shirt is an homage to it, though.

Are all the Woot shirts now on Anvil only?

A Clockwork Owl. Didn’t Anthony Burgess write that?

“The owls are not what they seem.” - The giant in Twin Peaks

WOW this design is blowing my mind, so beautiful and so well done!

This is a beautiful shirt, but if I wear it, people will be continually asking me what it’s “from”.


And now I’m sad Miyazaki retired before making a steampunk movie.

(I guess Howl comes the closest)

Love your style, Malo (and the whale)!

It’s pretty much been that for over 3 years now …

I truly love this. Owls plus adventure forever.

I just LOVE this design, but I’m hesitant – the last two shirts I bought from Woot were not the usual high quality – the fit was bad and the fabric not as durable. (The tags are different now – it’s not got the “Woot!” logo on it anymore, just a plain “Anvil” Tee… not as good!) Is there a way to get the higher quality shirt? I’ll pay a few bucks more for tees I like that fit properly.