The Owliminator

Martians beware!

Oh. My. God.

There possibly couldn’t be a cooler owl shirt in existence.

Where have I seen this shirt before?

The concept is great, but with that coloring, it should be compatible with 3D glasses.

It’s like a Cyborg-spider-owl from another dimension aka the moon.

I’m trying to make constellations out of the stars

It was on the side panel at tee fury not long ago when he printed there last

Cool! I haven’t expressed my love for owls on space robot-thingies in front of the moon in a long time! I must replenish my interest!

I think it was on the sidebar of one of teefury’s shirt.

And ROFL at “Don’t wear this shirt” comment about Alan Moore. So true.

First thought that popped into my head was:

sarah conner come with me if you want to live, hoot!

It’s pretty cool though, in for one

Yeeeep. Thanks.

It doesn’t have a helmet but it’s in outer space…so does that mean it doesn’t have to breathe oxygen?

This shirt’s a hoot!

Don’t think I’d wear it, though…

Wonderfully entertaining to gaze upon.

This shirt looks great! I don’t know if I should buy one since I bought one last week I believe. (Music is Life, awesome shirt!)

Sweet shirt, but the coloring hurts my eyes.

I l0l’d