The Panther

Oddly enough, the panther is one cat that has never been documented as being black.

Most “black panthers” are jaguars and leopards.

really like the shirt but $15??? cmon woot, you guys are killing people with this nosense!!!

Awesome! The panther is the mascot for the school I work at. If I could swap the blue for maroon, this could be our new spirit wear!

I love the lines and texture. Phenominal level of detail!

How else will they make up for the “free” prime shipping?

You want $15 per shirt and STILL refuse to offer the option of front or reverse image placement? Sorry, but no way! It was absurd not to offer it at $10 per shirt but now you’ve gone and made it even MORE absurd! WooT has finally fallen in line by adopting the good old “pay more, get less” marketing philosophy!

The little bird filling in the pupil of the eye is amazing! The level of detail in this is incredible!

Does prime apply to woot now? Where is Narf to answer about the inner workings of this shirt thing?

You’re contradicting yourself. Black Panther is just a color variation of leopards/jaguars (depending on the continent) so they have been documented plenty.

Uhh, I mean, don’t get me wrong, cool shirt, but can’t Marvel sue for this?

The panther, that large cat in North America also known as a Cougar, has never been recorded as suffering from melanism.

Black Panther is a generic term for actual “Big Cats” that suffer from melanism.

Legal hodgepodge tangent aside, the new “check out the derby” banner is awesome! High five to whoever made this:

My High School, was Mead Panthers - go class of 1990 - Blue & Gold, so this is Close Enough!!