The Perfect Moment

Oh heck yes. Reminds me of Monkey Island.

pout I was really hoping for “Super Effective.” But this one is a great design, too - I did vote for it. And it turned out looking quite good.

My favorite in the Derby by far. The sky alone would be worth it, great use of color.

> Say something awkward.

“Did you know your nose hair looks like my grandfather’s?”


Congrats on the print! Not bad for an 8-bit idea :smiley:

I’ve played this game before…hell I’m still playing it.

This exact scenario is more fear enducing than all the “Resident Evil” games combined.

ha! Glad to see this win; colors are pretty. Need to get one to wear to the movies; I tend to talk during the quiet romantic moments so maybe I could just point instead.

I’m so glad I’m already married!

Yaknow, it is so awful how true this is. It’s not just a moment. This is my life. How sad.

Awww yeah I was hoping this would do well. I love how the text and colors work with the image.

Third option should be “Do nothing.”
Usually that’s where most of us screw up.

"Oh what a pretty sunset! Lets go have a seat on that hilltop over there and watch it.

“Well, wasn’t that nice, I’m off now.”

Too bad about the lame text.

I am definitely romantically challenged, so this is definitely a shirt for me. Maybe if I wear this and say something stu… awkward, then I’ll at least get a bit of sympathy ;3

There should have been a third option:

> Fart

This is what I used to do when I felt uncomfortable on dates…

Congrats, Michael!

It’s black and I live in Texas, I’d have about 2 weeks to wear this shirt before it’s either too hot or too cold - but it’s so funny…

anyone else having problems buying this? I put an order in 7-8 times now, using diff cards and trying paypal too…

nevermind - though 2 credit cards didnt work, a third did? and paypal didnt work either? strange.

I know what you mean, I think your post is kinda rude too…

My thoughts exactly…I already have too many black Woot shirts for a Floridian. A shame, this is great! Very Monkey Island-esque.

I hate this level.