The Perfect Sit-Up



Does the woman come with it? If so, nice price!


At first glance, with the cursor hovering over sport!, it looked like a new-fangled fishing lure.


Haha- I thought it was a sled at first glance…disappointed!


Mama Amazon says … ymmv


Level 3 Resistance blades can be had from Amazon for $32.95 + $8.48 Shipping.



Here is an unboxing video and review.


Here is one i liked a little better… There are a lot of videos like these on youtube though.


Figures, Woot would offer this when I am between pay checks.


I clicked “I want one” but then remembered I was married.


Today’s most predictable comment !


I mean; REALLY???


I am the biggest sucker in the world! Yes, I bought it. Ugh!!


me too, bought one. will be nice addition to my mini trampoline coffee table & indoor x-country ski trainer coat rack

good price @$19.99 but MSRP on mfg site is $39.99, not the $99.99 listed here on Woot. -


not sure of shipping cost, but mfg site cost is $19.99 each level -


The thumbnail shot of this looked like the flattened Wicked Witch of the East!


I purchased one from Woot as a gift.

The real secret is knowledge.

You need to understand why the stomach muscles are exercised in a certain sequence. (Example: lower abs first). Why straight forward stomach crunches are basically useless. Why you never do more then 25 reps per set of any stomach exercise. I used to do 400 sit ups a day only to learn later in life the damage I was doing to the discs in my spine, but also how I was actually wearing/thinning the muscles out, not building them up. With the correct knowledge you can build sexy abs with a lot less effort. I was so surprised to learn how easy it is.

The reasons people fail in their goals are two fold.

  1. Lack of proper knowledge.

  2. Not being consistent over time.

(I hope they don’t delete my post because of my next statement)

The low down dirty truth is: YOU DON’T NEED A MACHINE TO BUILD GREAT ABS. Yup, its true. I have been using a free on line course for years.

But everyone is different in there choice of tools to reach their goals. As long as you combine knowledge with consistency you will achieve your goals fellow WOOTER’S.

Good luck with the battle of the bulge.


If only she came with it!


If you have diastasis recti, please keep in mind that ab crunches are not the route you want to take to get your muscles back together. This product is for those who haven’t recently had children or who want to impress their SPOUSES*. :wink:


I see a lot of info online. Care to share which course you use?


an actual user’s review:

“you look exactly like those people on TV who uses this thing”