The Periodic Table of Shirts

You finally got me on totes. These two are my first totes. I hope I love them.

I think you will love them. @ADQ and I are big fans. The size is pretty good (I usually use it for my produce at the market) and they’re solid quality.

I do love those totes. But I can’t spend that much money of something I don’t need. Woe is me being so nerdy and poor and already having sooooo many totes.

ETA: That Canadian periodic table is making me go “Eh”. Lb is on there twice, but it’s got an Lj and that’s OK.

Something seems wrong with the Periodically Fashionable shirt. It’s at the bottom with a Sold Out banner and when you click on it, you get the catalog shirt for $18.00.

poking mods

It looks like we got it back to the correct sale price and all that. Sorry for the error!

I have the Chucknorium shirt and I get a ton of compliments on it. It’s a must have for the science nerd (like myself). And now you have it in a hoodie! So tempted…