The Perry Ellis Aviator Sunglasses Highway



Which color’s coming along with you on your winter vacation to a sunny place?

(You’ll forgive me, sunny place dwellers, because I live in a rainy place, right?)


Wot?!?!! No mirrors?


If you lose sunglasses like I do–these are a good pick-up. If, however, you abuse sunglasses, and need durable, well-made sunglasses, these may not be for you. They do the job, but the build quality is nothing remarkable.


Are the gold ones the same ones Michael Weston wears in Burn Notice?




“Hey, where’s Perry?”


Do any of these have polarized lenses?


I’m trying to order two different pairs. There’s no way to add to the shopping cart. It seems like you have to make two separate orders.

If I add one pair then try to backup a popup says the 1st pair will be deleted. What’s up with that?


It’s likely you have to make two separate orders, but the plus side is, no extra shipping charge after the first order!


Can anyone explain to me how the measurements on these things work? I just know I’ll end up buying the one pair that is too small for my big fat head.


I would also like to know this info.


are the lenses glass or plastic?


I believe the “Bridge” measurement is in millimeters. I feel your pain - my current pair of glasses has an 18mm bridge and the largest I see here is 16.

If you’re not sure what your measurements are they’re usually printed somewhere on the glasses, either the bridge or the arms.

A quick google pulls up this page witha nice diagram -


From the specs I’ve seen, NO. How can they even call these aviators and not be polarized.