"The Person Below Me" ~ A game of assumptions


This is a game I haven’t played in a while, so BAM!

What you do is say something identifying, silly, googletastic, or nonsensical about the person below you. (They can say whether you’re right or not, but don’t have to.)

I’ll start with something simple.


The person below me is the second person on this thread. And Awesome.


The person below me is addicted to Chinese fortune cookies.
He/she also likes to shout out the dialogue when going to the movies.


The person below me is so vain I bet they think this game is about them.


…it’s not?

the person below me once ate a magic head of iceberg lettuce and now has telepathic powers.


and it’s really annoying!

the person below me learned the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything at the pub/bar one night, then forgot when they woke up with a hangover.


I hate it when that happens.

The person below me collects porcelain cats and talks to them when no one’s around.


Mowr! puuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr Nyawo meer meow
(Translation - My cats love me more than YOU MERE MORTALS CAN POSSIBLY KNOW)

The person below me wants to not only go parasailing, they want to do it over the North Pole because Santa’s down there…


Once I prove Santa exists…they’ll all stop laughing at me.

The person below me once made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but accidentally used mayonnaise instead.


Luckily, I was giving it to my tax preparation specialist.

I wonder why I didn’t get anything back that year…

The person below me knows that WHEN IT’S TIME TO PARTY THEY MUST PARTY HARD.


What happened last night?!

The person below me has a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh on their neck.


They told me it would make me look gangsta.

The person below me is the Stig.


To be correct, I was the Stig


until 2003 when they killed me off.

The person below me not only knows all the songs, but also the all the dialogue from “Grease” and yet, is not embarassed by this.


This is quite true. And Grease 2, actually.

The person below me drives 3 miles under the speed limit… IN THE LEFT HAND LANE!


I’m allowed to do it, SO I WILL!

The person below me puts “likes to take long walks in the rain” in the personal section of the paper.


I live in the Pacific Northwest, I have to like long walks in the rain when I’m lookin’ for a date :slight_smile:

The person below me secretly loves Justin Bieber.


I told you that in secret!!!

The person below me has a bomb shelter full of Lucky Charms and Cheetos.


And Dr. Pepper–don’t forget the Dr. Pepper.

The person below me has written a series of novels that could change the face of fantasy forever (how 'bout that alliteration) and never bothered to get them published. (user crosses arms over chest and taps foot impatiently) We’re WAITING!!


I must wait until the world is prepared to accept an anthropomorphized pair of lips as the protagonist. And until that fateful day, we all must remain patient.

The person below me has dug a pit in his basement, just like Buffalo Bill in “The Silence of the Lambs,” where he keeps a tied-up mannequin at the bottom and periodically re-creates the scene by lowering a bucket with a bottle of Lubriderm in it down to the bottom and shouts “IT RUBS THE LOTION ON IT’S SKIN OR ELSE IT GETS THE HOSE AGAIN!”


I’ve recently upgraded to Aveeno products.

The person below is wondering why they haven’t won the lottery yet, despite using the lucky numbers provided by their fortune cookies, received on the 7th of each month, eaten at 7:00 pm from the restaurant at 77 Seventh Street.


It’s all the MSG from the delicious Chinese food I’m eating BEFORE the fortune cookies that keeps me going back for more; not the possibility of being a bazillionaire!

The person below me played Peter Pan in their high school play.