"The Person Below Me" ~ A game of assumptions


Yeah, well, good thing it was pretty easy to get one today.

The person below me refuses to celebrate Woot’s birthday or Amazon Prime day, but they do celebrate nation potato month… twice per year.


The person below me talks back to there animals and screams “crap!” Every time they miss out on a bag of crap.


Who doesn’t yell carp, and usually it’s a two man conversation:


“There wolf”

The person below me has a collection of “Hollywood Squares” recorded off the air onto Betamax.


Oh yeah!!! I have a “Hollywood Square” marathon every Tuesday at 10:30 am. oh and if Betamax had won over VHS, I promise you, we would still be using them. No need for these confusing DVDs and Bluerays that you cant rewind…

The person below me prefers to dip their fries into chlorinated pool water.


This makes it difficult to order french fries at most fast-food places. They just refuse to carry chlorinated pool water dipping sauce!

The person below me is having a fish-fry this weekend, and their goldfish is getting very large.


Everyone who comes to one of my fish fries asks me what kind of fish it is, and when I tell them that its goldfish they just laugh and think I’m joking… But since you missed the fish fry, you wanna come over for Chinese food night?

The person below me wears their Shirt.woot shirts as pants even though the tag says not too.


only if they large shirts with a belt… and never as pants!! just as capris…

the person below me had to google sofa king hot…


As well as “hoof hearted”. Sometimes my brain works sofa king slow.

The person below me watches their BOC unboxing videos daily. Just to constantly relive the disappointment


Of course, what else is the internet for.

The person below me is boycotting undergarments in support of public parks for cats.


Unfortunately, we have yet to get families behind us, probably due to our motto. Frat boys, however, have been very supportive.

The person below me wishes tomorrow was black Friday already. Not because of the deals, but because it would mean no more election commercials.


That’s a great thought. Heck, one of the reasons I closed my twitter is because I was tired of people arguing about politics.

The person below me is almost as sad as I am Jeff retired, but was happy to see him back last race.


I was sad. It was nice seeing him in the 88, though he DIDN"T WIN!

The person below me bowls with styrofoam bowling balls because they are easier to pick up.


And I hold the record for lowest score without recording a gutterball!

The person below me also believes in The Great Pumpkin


You must get discouraged because more people believe in Santa Claus than you. Well, let’s face it. Santa Claus has had more publicity. But being number two, perhaps you try harder.

The person below me knows there is money in the banana stand.


Cause that is where all the vendors hide their money, in the banana stand (third shelf on the left, to be exact)

The person below me has a problem with their keyboard, the SPACEBAR doesn’t work, so they use ^ (SHIFT+6) to space between words





I’m ALWAYS chatting updates. However, as I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or anything else, I need to use my dozens of carrier pigeons to help out.

The person below me actually wrote someone a letter, put it in an envelope, put a stamp on it & mailed it using the Post Office.


It really was a surprisingly simple process! The odd part was when the recipient got it, called me, and asked me why I sent them a “K”? They thought I was dumb for trying to be nostalgic and writing them a letter.

The person below me has a small collection of grapes. Their collection would be huge if only they could find the thief that keeps stealing their grapes and replacing them with raisins.


yeah, i stop doing that… and started collecting cherries instead… cause their bigger… harder to steal!!

the person below me…

has taught all their animals to thank them, for all they do for them… um nicely…


It was hard at first, but once I realized that they didn’t speak english but instead spoke other languages…
Armeowian for the cats
Uzbark for the dogs
Kawzakh for the birds and
Salmoan for the fish…

The person below me…

Was the first person ever to be turned into a newt by a witch with a false nose.