"The Person Below Me" ~ A game of assumptions


I thought it was a great idea! However, they all sunk into the figgy pudding. I now have chunky pudding…

The person below me has installed a very expensive “Santa Claus Tracking System” on their rooftop.


Had, I had to disable it, nothing but false alarms. The reindeer detectors only sounded when it rained. The Thermal vision couldn’t pick up Santa because of his fireproof thermal suit, it only goes off when we use the fireplace. The pressure plates are always triggered by squirrels. Overall it was a failure. Lesson learned, don’t by Santa tracking equipment from woot.

The person below me heard about using a double boiler and decided to install a microwave inside a bigger microwave in their kitchen.


I thought it would work! I really, really did! But my best friend talked me out of activating my Double Microwave Duplex Device. He insisted that it would blow me into 5 different hospitals if I touched the Start button. Oh well. Back to the drawing board…

The person below me professes to hate Christmas, but secretly hums Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & eats candy canes when they think nobody’s looking.


oh holy night is so pretty… over rides rudolph, most of the time…

the person below me…

wishes they were ever surprised, in a good way…


Oh, to have been surprised in a good way. I’m just too nosey and therefore never get surprised. But it sounds wonderful.

The person below me can’t wait to celebrate Festivus. Specifically for the airing of grievances, especially towards the Woot Staff


As soon as I remember where I put the Festivus Stick, I’ve got a lot to say this year.

The person below me wrote new verses to the Twelve Days of Christmas.


Wrote new verses? Well… not exactly. I Lived them! I was the surprised recipient of 16 Laddies laughing, 15 doggies drooling, 14 cats a-kicking, and 13 ponies prancing, as well as the 12 drummers and all the rest of those crazy people and birds…

The person below me wishes they hadn’t eaten quite so much Christmas dinner— but they’re still planning to finish munching the homemade Christmas cookies before or on New Year’s Eve.


(I’d hate to see this particular game bite the dust… it’s one of the most interesting & creative games on here, imo. So I’m bumping this up and hoping that someone will keep it going.)


There is always room for dessert. Just sometimes it takes so to seven days until the room becomes available. I just wish cookies didn’t get stale over that time.

The person below me once flew to Switzerland just to purchase mayonnaise, only to have it confiscated at the airport for it being a “liquid or gel”


They gave me the option of eating all the Swiss mayonnaise right there, but I didn’t have any bread or bologna.

The person below me, when going somewhere on a plane, wears only underpants so that they go through security faster.


I only tried that one time. Never again! Security took one look at me & was certain that I escaped from a loony bin, and they held me up for 3 hours as they tried to figure out exactly which loony bin I busted out of. (No… I did not tell them… bwa-ha-ha…)

The person below me builds shelters for centipedes out of popsicle sticks, feathers, and chewing gum.


I build them for the centipedes, but the millipedes keep taking it from them, such nerve!

The person below me is going to reuse their 1978 calendar. They see no reason to buy an identical calendar with different numbers


Actually, I’m kicking myself, because I accidentally ruined my 1978 calendar by cutting pictures out of it 3 years ago. Now I’ll have to wait until 2017 calendars are 75 percent off. If I’m lucky, I’ll get “Pet Rocks Unleashed” for a buck or two.

The person below me is biting the bullet and discarding vintage leftovers from their refrigerator so they can get the new year started right.


It ain’t easy. That cole slaw and I have some awesome memories from Indians games back at Municipal Stadium.

The person below me will start participating in the Google Image Game since they find it so fun and enjoyable.


Once I figure out how to do it watch out Woot here I come.

The person below me made some interesting New Year resolutions.


Actually, they’re kind of ordinary. I resolved to eat a healthy diet, get more sleep at night, and to spend less time online. What’s interesting is that I’m breaking all three of them right now. I’m eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, it’s 3AM as I post this, and here I am online instead of counting sheep. It’s only January 3rd. Oh well…

The person below me loves to watch vintage black & white TV shows, but resents the medical ads that go along with them.


“I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV” Who cares?? YOU AREN’T A DOCTOR!!!

The person below me steals rolls of toilet paper from local restaurants. They havent bought TP since 2002


I only go to restaurants that have the highest quality toilet paper now. The quality & flavor of the food doesn’t matter. I’ve also found out I have to steal 87 sugar packets to fill my sugar bowl.

The person below me stays up until midnight so they can throw away their loaf of bread the second the ‘sell by’ date is expired.


Expired bread is dangerous and illegal. It isn’t something to be messed with. And, besides, my sister went to jail for removing the tag from a mattress. We just dont mess with instructions.

The person below me freezes mud and tries to sell it as homemade chocolate icecream at rest stops along the interstate


The person below me has a nice taste to continental food. :stuck_out_tongue: