"The Person Below Me" ~ A game of assumptions


what? like dog or cat or horsey or guinea pigs or flipper?? just no… i do however like croissants.

the person below me… wishes, when they wish upon a star. those wishes really would come true.


I believe that SherrieLarrison didn’t quite understand the flow of this game— So I’m going to take this post to do a bit of patching up. :slight_smile:

Here is JayMatts19’s person below assumption that never got addressed. (btw JayMatt19, your answer about the expired bread cracked me up!)

Here’s my response to JayMatt19’s “chocolate ice cream” assumption:

Well, it’s worth a try… I tell all potential buyers that the flavor isn’t ordinary chocolate, it is delicious Mississippi Mud. Then when they actually buy some and are about to take the first taste, I run like heck! :slight_smile:

(Instead of me saying “the person below me” I’ll now give SherrieLarrison’s assumption):

“The person below me has a nice taste to continental food.:P”

Mick52’s response is:

what? like dog or cat or horsey or guinea pigs or flipper?? just no… i do however like croissants.

(Now here’s Mick52’s assumption… and with this one, the game is back on track again.) :slight_smile:

Mick 52:" the person below me… wishes, when they wish upon a star. those wishes really would come true."


Thanks, Inatangle*

Well, I thought I was wishing on a star, it ended up being Uranus. I no longer wish on Uranus.

The person below me is planning a trip to France so they can taste REAL French Fries & French Toast.


I hear they are the best Fries and Toast in all the world, My next trip after that is going fishing in Sweden.

The person below me was traumatized as a child by an owl that ate their tootsie roll pop.


The worst thing about it was that I had 3 Tootsie roll pops. An orange one, a green one, and my favorite kind, double chocolate. I begged him to steal the green one or even the orange one but HE WOULDN’T LISTEN TO ME! He just hooted at me and flew away with my double chocolate pop.:frowning:

The person below me starts laughing helplessly every time they see the wind blowing a trash can over.


i don’t give a shit about no trash can. i just love feeling the wind blowing.

the person below me…
puts lots of salt in their bath, so they can pretend they are in the ocean.



The person below me washes every day with a wiggly jelly soap and giggles wildly while doing so.


This wiggly jelly soap has proven to be the ideal soap for me. It removes tree sap, mud and motor oil while tickling me and making me giggle like a little school-girl. What else would you want in a high-quality multi-colored tickle-soap?

The person below me has decided to become a recluse and to get 60 cats.


Well…I’m already off to a good start. I’ve adopted 20 cats already:

Only 40 cats to go! It will be such fun dreaming up names for all of them! :slight_smile:

(PS. If you are also planning to adopt lots and lots of cats, you might want to buy this Woot tee shirt to get you started. http://shirt.woot.com/offers/lonely?ref=cnt_ctlg_dgn_25

The person below me collects Moby Dick whale figurines, and is planning to purchase at least one from each of the 50 United States. Once they’ve succeeded with that, they’re going to start collect one from each country in Europe.


Yup. My collection is growing every day. I’ve sold almost everything I own to buy these ‘Moby Dick’ treasures. The only thing left I could sell is my children. Hmmm…

The person below me wears a clown costume to work on Mondays to cheer everyone up.


Mondays are a mortal enemy. They must be battled against with wisdom and humor. I’ve been called a real bozo for wearing the clown costume, but winning the war against Monday is worth it! :slight_smile:

The person below me plans to fly a rocket filled with paint up to the moon. They will decorate the moon’s surface with sea creatures of every shape and color.


At least that’s my plan. The rocket (using 50,000 butane lighters for power) is finished. No need to test it. I can’t afford a space suit, but plan to just hold my breath as I decorate the wonderful lunar landscape. I’m also hoping the lunar green cheese surface is still edible as my spaceship is filled with paint, brushes and beer. Wish me luck!

The person below me got a ‘service animal’ vest for their pet chicken so it can go with them into the movies and shopping.


That was only part of the reason. The other reason was because I really REALLY needed to know why the chicken crossed the road.

The person below me eats deep fried butter for breakfast every tuesday morning.


no you heard me wrong… butterflies… deep fried butterflies. What kinda of weirdo eats deep fried butter?

The person below me is the world champion at climbing down hills.


Some people call it ‘climbing down hills’. Others refer to it as ‘out-of-control falling down the mountain’. I did get down in record time!

The person below me is learning to speak in dog-language. They hope to be able to sit down with a dog & have a meaningful discussion.


That’s cause I’ve long given up hope of having a meaningful conversation with a human. Admit it, y’all suck.

The person below me uses a blow dryer to try and keep their snowman from melting in a “disrespectful” way


I’ve gone to jail a number of times for doing it. The way I see it, the snowperson should have the right to choose to melt with dignity. A 1600 wattDyson Supersonic to the frontal lobe seems to prevent that awful brain freeze.

The person below me recently read about the movie Fateful Findings on ** Wrighting Reviews** and will now provide a 3 sentence summary.


The movie title “Fateful Findings” has two words that both start with the letter ‘F’.

The letter ‘F’ is the sixth letter in the alphabet, and it directly follows the letter ‘E’.

As for the movie you’ll probably love it, hate it or just think it’s OK.

The person below me really likes to snack on Puppy Chow.


Actually, I only pretend to like the Puppy Chow.

I challenge people to Puppy Chow eating contests, saying that the winner of the contest has to pay for the bag of Chow that I just purchased if I win. When we have the contest, I eat breakfast cereal that looks exactly like it. Of course I win and get the money.

The losers have no interest in taking the Puppy Chow home. So I take the bag and feed my dog for almost nothing! My next scheme is to find a way to get people to pay my dog’s vet bills.

The person below me is planning to open a restaurant that serves nothing but macaroni & cheese, pickles, potato chips, koolaid, and chocolate pudding because those are their favorite foods.


Yes. Taking it further, it’s only macaroni & cheese from a box, sweet pickles sliced in 1/8" slices, plain unsalted potato chips, grape KoolAid and chocolate pudding cups from the dollar store.
It’s all a person would ever want, I think. I’m hoping everyone else agrees.

The person below me does not like any music. It all has just too many different notes to listen to.