"The Person Below Me" ~ A game of assumptions


It should be very easy. I’ve ready the fine print, and no where does it say that the shower needs to be on when I’m singing!

The person below me loves to give horsey rides to actual horses


It’s all I have left, I crushed too many bears giving them bear hugs.

The person below me Paid off the refs to let the Patriots win the Superbowl.


I noticed they were losing the game, so I slipped each ref $10 during the third quarter. It worked!

The person below me is trying to train their pet goldfish to help do housework.


Actually my goldfish is doing quite well. He’s the best at washing the dishes, although he doesn’t dry them. He’s willing to do laundry, but my dog is kind of jealous and won’t let him. Unfortunately my goldfish (and my dog) refuse to do windows.

The person below me decided to try to get rich quick. They painted a Woot blank with a number and tried to pass it off as Tom Brady’s missing Jersey–but painted the number 13 on it by mistake.


All right, all right. I admit it. It was ME who gave it a try. I was SO gullible! I let a couple of people on Woot talk me into giving it a try.

What a fool I was. The guys on Pawn Stars just about killed themselves laughing when I brought it into their store!

The person below me collects fly swatters in every known color for a hobby.


I now have an extensive collection of fly swatters. I also keep road kill in the back yard so I can try out each swatter every day!

The person below me is gluing thousands of flies together, hoping to fly to Denver for free.


Yes I was, but I had to give it up. Not only does my bank refuse to loan me any more money to continue, my health insurance company has informed me that they won’t cover any of my medical bills if I should happen to fall out of the sky when I fly with the flies.

The person below me is training an octopus to do computer programming.


And so far the progress is pretty slow. But on the plus side, I won’t be running out of black toner for a while.

The person below me is about to make their first post to this thread and having something very compelling to share.


This game is so much fun! It’s too bad that nobody new seems to want to join in…

Edit: Is this the end of this game as we now know it?

It started on July 8, 2013, nearly 4 years ago… Stay tuned… until next time… same bat time… same bat channel!!!


Well, it’s not exactly my first post, but I’m compelled to let everyone know that German sausage should never be served without mustard and some beer.

The person below me always records everything on TV, then watches them backwards.


You got me. For real! I’ve recorded so many programs that I’m almost out of recording space. I watch the front ones first. and work backwards because it’s much easier than scrolling down forever & ever.

The person below me jumped into a vat of green die, just for the holiday today, but they’re thinking about staying green for the entire year.


Well, it turns out the green dye was permanent ink. The good news is that I contacted the ‘Green Giant’ green beans company and they want to give me a job interview.

The person below me is tearing our all of their lawn and landscaping, and planting turnips.


it is my BRILLIANT new retirement plan!!! i have been playing this farmer video game, and turnips sell for $500 each!!! i am going to be RICH, i tell ya!

the person below me, their neighbors, have a rooster who does not doodle do.
damn rooster sings “who let the dog’s out” at the crack of dawn, everyday…


It’s true and my dog gets so excited every morning because she knows it’s going to be me letting her out!

The person below me does not eat cereal in the morning. Instead they put Oreos into a bowl and pour milk over them for breakfast. ( I heard they sometimes do it with other cookies too)


Yes! I found out the just one Oreos has 1% of the fiber, 1/3 g of protein and 2.5% of the iron you need in a day. I need to eat a lot of them to get all the benefits & stay healthy!!

The person below me uses canned frosting for a salad dressing.


It’s true! Except, I’m not sure what the word “salad” means. Is it a code word for cake?

The person below me has a tutu hidden in their closet for private “me time.”


Well… I used to have a tutu. It was beautiful too, rainbow pastel hues. Ever since I was a kid, I always wished I could be a ballet dancer… so I put it on at least once a week and danced (with my 2 left feet) so I could keep my dream alive.

Unfortunately, my dog snuck into my closet tore it, and chewed it up! I think she was jealous of my fun…sigh…

The person below me goes to the zoo at least twice a week so that they can talk to the animals. Their favorite animals to chat with are the anteaters and the wallabies.


I love talking to those anteaters, but they always have ant-breath…

The person below me always wears a cap-gun on their hip while watching western movies.


Ya darn tootin’ I do! How else am I gonna be able to help out Hoot Gibson if some snake-eyed sneaky varmint creeps up on him from behind?

The person below me has a collection of Pee Wee Herman action figures.


Yup, an entire collection representing that night in the theater when he torpedoed his career. Puts the “ACTION” into the action figures

The person below me swaps the letters E with S, and S with E, when he types. He also uses the @ in place of O, and the % in place of R