the photo chop's youve done and about them.


this was my first chop ever! i took my cousin (he’s very tall, and we are a real short family) and made him the jolly green giant (from the label’s of green giant) wtvr. in this version i liqiufied his face to protect his identity lol. (and he’d probably kill me if i didn’t, remember he’s tall i’m short)


No, it isn’t what I mean. Perhaps you might crack a dictionary and find the appropriate reference.
Why is your sigline dedicated to an attempt at insulting me?


lol, it’s not meant to insult you, it’s just a joke and if it really does insult you i will take it off.


ok these are the only other definition’s i have seen 1. Greek Mythology A sea god who could change his shape at will.
2. The satellite of Neptune that is sixth in distance from the planet.

for an actual object mine was the best definition but wtvr. again if you want me to take it off, say so, and i will do it.


mho, but when he basically asked why you were insulting him, my guess would be that he didn’t like it.


I got bored with Windows backgrounds and put my little kid in this one.


Haha, Crow, how do you like my new sig line?
JK, it’ll be gone as soon as you see it…




Ha, i got bored with the windows background too. this is my desktop


This could make a fun contest!


my thoughts exactly


Um…is that a rotting orange with radishes on top? Or is that a potato with the eyelets growing?


it’s a potato bonzai

(posted it once before in shutterbugs)


Looks like the budded fruit of a barrel or saguaro cactus!!



Dude… creepy…


Cool though. Inspired by that show with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La la and Po. The sun is a baby’s head. laughing.


So you turned your son to stone?

No, he is the moon! Still creepy, too close up.


“M—O----O----N, That spells Moon.”


How come only baby gets chopped? Why not the other kids?