The Piglets Of The Caribbacon

Piracy cured + salted down to its pigtographic essentials.

That pig’s going to need more than an eye patch if he’s proudly displaying strips of his own fried skin.

Seems like a good companion piece to this week’s side sale.

I wish that the pig was grimacing or looking a tad more fierce. His look is just a little too happy for a pirate. I want my pirates to be scowling, not cheerful be they pig or man.

A very cute shirt. I can see this shirt being female friendly. I’d totally buy this if it was a tote bag.

Great looking simple design. I like it. But I don’t think I can handle any more of this bacon trend.

I don’t think the two themes really go together, sorry.

I’m pleased to see a classic, silkscreen-style design. I find much detail in a t-shirt to be distracting–keep the paintings on the wall!


i love this happy pig T shirt, laughing pig makes good mood

I believe this shirt needs a soundtrack.

Moar bacon!

What’s with the dancing tapeworms?

Tell me where I can get this on an apron!!! A necessity for grilling. Great design.

Hooray, the tiny island nation of Puerco Frito!

Darn it! I think shirt.woot is going to get most of my money during this woot-off. I love this, it will make a nice addition to my boating theme tshirts. I’m thinking about getting it for my bacon loving husband but not sure how much he will appreciate a black shirt out on the boat. He would just wear it all the time and not on the boat and that will just annoy me. He will love it even more :slight_smile:

Not sure if this one is fat-guy friendly. its like waving the flag of fat.

Yahtzee was the first thing i noticed last night. Then it made me think of those crappy woot monkeys and how plain and boring their capes were. Then I went to sleep, then I was at work. Then I decided I should crank one out real quick because I gotta be consistent, can’t just pick and choose. Must be terrible at all times.

Meh Shirt.png for a meh shirt

Edit: looks more like Hack+Slash superstar jason than yahtzee now that I think about it. Oh well.

A pirate or pancetta for my carbonara, Arrrrh!!!