The Piglets Of The Caribbacon

Anyone know where I can buy shirts from the old fabric that used to be on woot. Love the design of the shirt, but doesn’t feel like the old ones

A new and more glorious era dawns in 0:19…

A new and more glorious era dawns in 0:19…

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What is missing? the sales number!!!
Woot is driving me to…something, I just don’t know what.

Hey Dan Zettwoch, what were your day one sales? My son will be in your hometown mid-October so if you need a bribe he can bring it to you. You might have to meet him at a memorial service, though.

Did anyone buy this with the one day shipment? I did but I have not gotten the shirt yet. It said it would be here today. they are running out of time for the work day.

Why can’t I get this on a standard shirt in 3XL? There is no logical reason why not.

We’re out of that color/size at the moment. Check back as we’re getting more inventory in.

Are you still out of 3XL standard shirts?

It looks like for this color we are still out of that size. Sorry. We’ve been struggling with some inventory issues for about a month now. :frowning: