The Pipe

So is this the start or the end of the movie?

It’s what she gets for always being in the other castle.

All I know, is you have 7 days.

She has cousin Itt hair. I know how she feels.

This may be the creepiest shirt I have seen related to mario. Well done.

Every princess needs a little pipe.

Get to the last castle and defeat Bowser only to have Toad whisper, “You weren’t supposed to help her”.

She was trapped in another castle for a reason.

From the thumbnail at first I thought that was Mrs. Peanut crawling out of the pipe. Now that I see the mash up it’s supposed to be I think I’ll stick with the Mrs. Peanut theory. Yeah.

I really do like the movie, but it’s creepy as all get out and not something I want mashed with other beloved characters. Actually the manga is better, and someday maybe I’ll tackle watching Ringu.

Great mashup, the sequel should be with “The Grudge”!

Dude, that movie still gives me nightmares. I’m really hoping no one wears this near me.

This is fantastic!

So I don’t watch the scary movies, and I’m not getting the “movie” part of the mashup. This is the Princess from all the Mario games, but what spooky movies is mashed in? Educate me, please?

The Ring

How about a 3XLT (T because your shirts shrink so much) pullover?

So good! Congrats Naolito.

Peach was a water demon the whole time! That explains… everything?

From a distance, everyone is going to think this is a turd climbing out of the sewer.

Wow - I managed to miss that movie entirely. Watched the trailer, am now freaked out. Sheesh.

Wow, that makes a lot more sense. I just thought it was a commentary on the eventual effects of the constant narcotic consumption in the Mushroom Kingdom.

“In her later years, Peach was found on the corner of Rainbow Road and Mushroom Way smoking crack in a culvert.”