The Pipe

Wow, I love the two Japanese created references.

I don’t mean to criticize the artist (who has way more skill than I do), but wouldn’t a Sonic mash-up have made more sense?

Sonic uses power rings, which matches the word in the title of the movie, but if you knew the movie you’d see exactly why this is such a perfect (and creepy) mash. Peach creeping out of a pipe works amazingly well. Sonic, er no.

Spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movie and want to: stop reading now…

You’ve been warned

The creepy girl in the Ring basically gets sent down a well to die, there’s some room for interpretation as to whether she was evil before this and that’s why she had to die or if killing her this way turned her evil. The ring in the title alludes to the last thing she saw before she dies, the ring of light from the bottom of a covered well. She crawls up out of the well as an evil incarnate creepy child thing on the TV screen of someone who had watched her video (and hadn’t figured out how to stop her curse) and literally crawls out of the TV and essentially scares the life out of them. So crossing this movie with Peach crawling out of a pipe works really well. Maybe too well.

This. Is. Perfect!

Heh, a friend of mine wanted a fiction based on this design. I had some free time, so here you go. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Pipe

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Now for a shirt woot-off!

Unfortunately, this shirt is apparently too niche. I thought for sure that more people knew about “The Ring”. People get the Mario reference, but most stare blankly and give me a dumb look even when I say the other half of the reference.

Of course, those that DO get the reference, they REALLY love this shirt. So it’s definitely done well, it just hit too niche of an audience.

I love the shirt (all my friends that I wore it around loved it too). I was very shocked to see a lot of people not getting it.

That’s kind of surprising, because I’m not even 100% certain I’ve seen even the american version, or at the least don’t remember it all that well anymore, but know exactly what it is.