The Power Stop Street Warrior Brake Kit (Open Box)

The Power Stop Street Warrior Brake Kit (Open Box)

Just for info, these fit a Subaru Impreza didn’t say the year so, you look it up. Woot, WTF here on Sunday? Fix the product description… Rookie!

Drilled/slotted brakes are prone to cracking as they create additional stress. They aren’t meant to street usage and will only cause additional issues with street use.

Outside of that, I just generally would avoid anything marketed this way.

Holes cool them down to avoid this:

Brake like a boss!

I will say this about slotted & drilled rotors kits in general, not just these - they’re pretty loud compared to standard rotors, so I wouldn’t recommend them if you care about quietness.

On the other hand, they do look good & braking performance is better than stock. And I’ve personally never had an issue with them cracking or warping.

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