The Princess and the Menagerie

A skunk would complete this shirt.


I hope for the animals’ sakes that she doesn’t have herpes.

Why does the turtle look so frightened? :[

Neither the turtle nor the beaver seem all that excited to me.

I am really surprised! Great design, congrats Doomcat!

Shirts like these are why I always wait in terror when I order the random shirt.

Whoa now, what was that fox doing under her dress?

I love the clasped hands on the alligator. It dozens of details like that which make this design so awesome.

Congrats on the print.

the penguin looks like he came from the set of Happy Feet

Looks like Disney and Pixar have their work cut out for them…

Don’t kiss the gator! He looks way too eager! And hungry!

I’d kiss them all to be sure. However, I do believe the frog will be the best kisser.

Reminds me of the jump-rope rhyme we used to sing as kids:

Cindarella, dressed in yellow,
Went upstairs to kiss a fellow,
My mistake, she kissed a snake!
How many doctors did it take?

Then of course we would start counting successful jumps. Luckily for Cindarella, if I was the jumper, she usually only needed one or two doctors to make her right again.

cute, nice variety of pleased/eager expressions but I think the turtle and the princess are a match made in doubtful.

I was hoping to see this one today. :slight_smile:

I love the turtle and his perplexed expression. It’s like he’s shocked to find himself there and has no idea what’s going on.

Dooomcat always manages to get just the right amount of “cute” for me. Adorable and witty, but it doesn’t remind me of a Precious Moments display.

Congrats on the win!

Shouldn’t this shirt to called “Beauty and the Beasts”??

I really like this one. The expressions on the princess and all the animals are perfect. I bought one.

congrats, with how awesome this was in derby, I knew it would place first, and I’m glad to see I was right!