The Puppy Pool~no longer a guessing game

The puppies are coming!!

Checkers is due on 12/3/08.(+ or- 3 days) So, your job is to guess:
1: Date and time of the arrival of the first puppy.
2: How many puppies will be in this litter.

good luck!

12/1/08 - 11:40 p.m. - 6 puppies

Edit: I don’t win a puppy, do I? If so, 12/25/08 - 14 puppies

12/4/08 . . . 8:47 pm . . . nine puppies

Sorry… new here… Can I ask: What breed of dog? She had pups before? If so, how many in previous litters?

Need a time too. :slight_smile:


I saw. No you don’t win a puppy. maybe the first wooter to get the link to the puppy cam?

Winner gets to name the runt?!?!?

12/03/08, 2:30 AM, 7 pups

12/2/08, 09:12:17, seven puppies.

um…prolly not a good idea.

11/31 2am 6 puppies

my guess…

12/2 6:45am 7 puppies

Not fair! He is trying to make an informed guess!
It is the type of dog in her sig line.
All I remember is one of the puppies ate the puppy cam.

3rd litter for little miss checkers. she is a 5 year old mini aussie. that’s all the clues i’m giving.


12/3, 4:56 am, 7 puppies. oh, in the year '08.

12/4 (papa’s birthday) 10:04 am, 6 puppies

Somebody needs a WAAAAAAAmbulance!! JK

As I’m sure you know, I wasn’t trying to be any more ‘informed’ than anyone else who may have more tenure in the forum - let’s just say I was leveling the playing field… Maybe.

My guess:

Date: 12/1/2008
Time: 10:21 p.m.
Litter Size: 8

We need the puppy cam!
It was always like a lottery to see if we could find them awake!
We need a puppy cam that makes noise! Maybe drop treats into the pen!