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ETA: Deep on the writeup too.

Melts resistance away ; )

75x100[/img] +

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Yay! This was my favorite. Congrats, rasabi.

I’ve been missing the cat shirts!

Look at those cats lazing around on their job.

But this IS their job!

LOVE this shirt and want to order! But I’m always confused about the dang sizing.
“Measure under arms across fullest part of chest…”
So… Do we measure over the boobs? Under? Or just pretend they’re not there.
I know it depends on the garment (Especially females) but size equivalents are generally more helpful (imo). For example:
Small = size 4-6
Med = size 8-10
Large = size 12-14
X-large = size 16-18

I don’t want to miss out because of a friggin’ size issue. Any thoughts, opinions or suggestions are welcome. :o)

Melting cats, a familiar sight. :slight_smile:

'Grats on printing today.

I just love this! Great work.

As a Dali fan, I say yes! As a non-cat lover, though, not for me. Great, clever design though, congrats!

My advice is not to measure you. Take a shirt you currently wear and are happy with the fit and lay it on your bed. Measure across the chest and the length. Then compare those numbers with the sizing charts. You may find your preferred numbers align more with the men’s shirts than the women’s. Leave a little room in case of shrinkage, and order accordingly. Hope this helps.

Okay - I fully admit to being on the “Rubenesque” side, plus prefer loose-fitting garments to begin with, so usually buy tees in Mens or Unisex sizing rather than Womens.

Measurements notwithstanding, I’ve found Woot t-shirts to run a little on the small side for me. First shirt I purchased was Mens XL, as that’s the t-shirt size (in Mens or Unisex sizing) I normally buy elsewhere. It “fit”, but was a little uncomfortably snug for me, so I re-gifted it & bought the shirt in a Mens 2XL, & I was in love.

Just giving an example. Obviously if you prefer a snugger fit, your regular size may do just fine, but if you like a looser fit, I’d suggest going one size larger.

I have found the women’s sizes to be too short. I’m 5’6".

I wear medium or large size tops in most regular women’s blouses/shirts, and so I typically go with men’s medium when I order from shirt woot.

Sadly I cannot recommend the fitting of the shirts since they moved to the substandard ones they use now. I am not alone as a friend who bought many shirts from here but the last one they bought was an overseas made one and it fit horribly. Needless to say, he buys elsewhere now.

Definitely measure OVER your boobs! You don’t want ‘em hangin’ out of the shirt.

Also, as posted above, the women’s shirts are a little shorter than the mens. As a girl (5’6"), I can definitely fit in a womens small, but I usually go for the mens small because the shirt is longer, and it gives my shoulders room to move, too. I don’t have too much in the boob department, so I don’t have to go bigger than the small to accommodate that.

Kitties! Congrats, Rasabi!

I prefer the persistence of meowmery.

Thank you, everyone for your responses to my inquiry. Your answers are extremely helpful!