The Pyle Electronics Rave!

I’ve had the Pyle Pro PSBV200BT for almost a year and love it. Yes, the sound isn’t audiophile quality, but I just stream internet radio over blue tooth, so it is just fine for me. I use it with an old android phone and it works beautifully.

I do have 2 complaints. If you are going to have it in a bedroom, the blue LCD screen is very bright at night. And the remote control should have been made to be puppy proof. :slight_smile:

Anyone have any experience with Pyle PHPNC85 noise cancelling headphones? Not finding any reviews on the web

Other than styling is there ANY difference between the two sets of noise cancelling headphones? The specs are exactly the same.

(Pyle PHPNC65 and PHPNC85)

Pyle Home PTCD8US Retro Turntable…

Being Batman, I have to ask…

Does it come in Black?! :slight_smile:


Trying to get my head around 1080p in 800 x 480 resolution?!? The Pyle PRJLE22 High-Definition LED Projector, specifically. Can someone reiterate one more time why this isn’t a good idea? I don’t trust myself right now.

Do the waterproof headphones with the MP3 player have an FM radio?

Do any of the iPhone docks fit the iPhone 5 lightning cable? All I see are 30 pin connectors

Obviously Pyle hates 8-track tapes.I’d buy the PTCDS7UIB Retro Vintage Turntable in a heartbeat if it did. I’ll never be able to listen to my original AC/DC Back In Black 8 track now.

OK, I bought 3. I’m hoping to color-code my music experience. One for exercise music, one for meditation, one for regular listening.

They came yesterday. What does it say about charging? If no electricity, charge it. OK? I presume it can be charged thru the usb. I attached one to my computer. It came up. I loaded a folder of music on. I took it off. It wouldn’t play. I figured it didn’t like the folder. So I reattached to the computer. Now it won’t come up. My computer can’t find it.

So I called Pyle Audio. Msg said call back business hours. Fair enough. So I called back today. This time the msg said “we are on holiday, call back Monday”. What holiday??

I hope they haven’t “disappeared” on me!

Anyone here know how to use one of these things?


With any electronics, I always suggest a full 24 hour charge before trying to use.

If that doesn’t help, you might try their email: (And tell them to change their message.)

Thanks but…
24 hr charge (if that is what it is doing with the usb connection, and I’m not sure it is) did not help.
I wrote to (and called) on Monday the above email address. No email reply yet, and telephone msg says on holiday till Monday.

Do you know if I am charging it correctly?


It should charge via USB 2.0, I think. If you have an older computer with USB 1.0, it might not. If all else fails, you can try a USB wall adapter.

Give Pyle a day or two to respond. If no luck, holler back and I’ll get the buyer to ping them.

Thanks. Sigh… my computer is at the local geek’s today anyway.

Will see what happens Monday.