The Quick Brown Fox


Looks like it will be a fable weekend.

Not cutesy enough.

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The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Is it just me, or is that fox not brown? In fact, it looks more orangey to me…

No-one’s provided a wiki link yet?

“and thanks ever so much for your hard work on that vitally important project, Kevin J. Anderson and friends”

I read those books. :frowning:

It is super cute… but what is this from? I’m obviously missing something

that fox is not brown
this is very cute though

It’s not lazy, it’s sleeping. See, the fox is kind enough to let sleeping dogs lie (lye?)

Or, for this shirt: “The quick fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.”

Is that you, Pikachu?


wow, i’m irritated. there were a ton of better shirts on this derby . . . .this shirt $^#$%^$%&@$&.

and yes, i did vote for the shirts i wanted. (for those thinking “why not just vote for the ones you did like, genius”?)

Sweatbands are essential to be quick and jump.

so cute!!! I love it!!! <3

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This shirt rules, be sure to google to find out what the message is behind this shirt!!!

OMG!!!elven!!!so so cute!!!1111111 And so unlike what usually wins derbies here. Oh… wait…