The Rainguard

“They complained about the tax increases, sure, but isn’t all this dry weather and dying foliage totally worth it?”

Close derby … 26 votes separated first place and third place.

I’ve visited Seattle before … yeah, an umbrella should be a permanent fixture.

I wonder if the engineer took into account the fact that the umbrella might be blown away…

Seattle gets a bad rap… NYC gets more rain! Seattle is just overcast 6 out of 7 days of the week.

I admit, I wasn’t really familiar with Helgram before this, but wow-- the color, texture, and composition on this one are all perfect.

I especially like the hidden circle formed by the top of the umbrella and the bottom of the design.

Good luck finding an umbrella that big.

This shirt mixes in the gray colors so well, I feel like I’m actually looking through a window into the Seattle area itself. Not to mention, I get a terrific pop-art feel from the overall style of the design.

Good job Helgram.

Since I live in Seattle, maybe I should get this…

Oh yes… Usefulness! But wouldn’t it also block out the sun, encouraging more gloom?


Mr. Burns approved!

whoa whoa whoa! Why does Seattle get one and Portland doesn’t?!?!
This is ridiculous!

I guess Travelers is protecting Seattle.

Do you think they offer flood insurance?


I’m looking out my office window on Pike directly at the good old Space Needle here in Seattle, and this shirt is dead on.

I would buy it, but wearing a Seattle shirt when you live in Seattle is kind of like going to a concert wearing a T-shirt of the band you’re going to see.

Plus, who’d see it? We’re all sporting our jackets and flannels now anyways.

There’s sunshine in Seattle? That’s almost as foreign of a concept as rain is here in SoCal.

Washington better be the bluest state on that map by the end of the day tomorrow.

Only tourists use umbrellas in Seattle. The rest of us have hats, hoods, or a lack of care.

So true.

The airplane warning lights are a great touch. Well done helgram.

Yep, totally true. Here in Seattle you can tell if someone is either a tourist or a wimp if they use an umbrella. Love the design though!