The Ramyb Shopb

Ever since way back when, when you guys had the first back to school sale and you had a “School” tote, I have wanted one. I missed it then, and I have waited and waited and waited for another chance. So many sales. No School totes. I saw this sale. I had such high hopes. But alas, the School tote is still not here. :frowning:

I really really love the Listen To Your Conscience Zip Hoodie… but alas, I think it would look SO much cuter with the graphics on the back of the shoulders instead of on the chest.
Maybe they’ll redesign it one day?? (Pretty please with sugar on top :wink: )

So fun. Ramyb is one of my faves! I own quite a number of Ramyb Woot shirts.

Well that ended quickly. W–T--H–???

My thoughts too. I’m guessing it’s a new experiment to spotlighting the daily artist’s work, but I definitely wasn’t expecting a 1-day expiration. It the same thing today with Patrick Spens.

Coinciding with the anniversary sale is surely skewing the results, however.

Argh. Didn’t notice the sale dates - I was going to order “Gym Rat” today. Please someone say it’ll end up in the catalog!

I can’t imagine a woot/ramyb that doesn’t scream for a hoodie like grim optimism. How many times do I have to ask, woot peeps??

It’ll end up in the catalog! However, it’ll probably take a week or so.