The Raven

Sweet! Soooo thrilled this printed! Can’t wait to get it, I know I’ll be getting lots of compliments on it!

Congratulations walmazan!!

That’s so Raven.

And I pause for laughter (and the theme song in my head)

Back to commenting: textured and raw, a vivid interpretation that brings something new to an over quoted poem.*

*Try The Bells, people, or Annabel Lee if you have a Poe moment. Mix it up : ) And now I’ve just visualized a walmazan Poe series…ah well.

Walmazan is usually known for those fun, goofy shirts that make you smile, and I love those.

But I love the stylistic nature of this shirt and the simple, subtle reference to my one of my favorite poems. Congrats Wences!

It’s a bad poem. Why in the hell are so many people gaga over it and why has it spawned so many damned raven shirts? (I like ravens, but there is a limit)

Yay, a Superbowl shirt!

Black, white, and re(a)d all over? Yup, I think that describes both The Raven and this shirt quite nicely.

Beautiful work, Walmazan. I haven’t had an insta-buy in a looooong time, but this broke my dry spell.

I love the somewhat mod feel to this design. Leave it to wotto to come up with a new twist on a classic Poe piece.

This would be a really great poster. One of the most artistically cool designs I’ve seen here in a long time.

^ this! please listen woot and make this print into a poster pleeeeeease!

I love the use of mid-century graphic design to depict a mid-century poem of the previous century. Very striking, with a boldness that is subtle by virtue of its simplicity. (And I’m another one who would be down for a poster!)

Great design; congratulations on the print, Wences!

Hmm…I just started at a new college. Do you think if I wear this shirt, my Literary Criticisms teacher would give me an automatic A? We are doing a unit on Poe…

Decisions, decisions.


The bells is more annoying then the raven, even though you don’t hear it as much. As for Annabel, er, it feels like walking in on people in a compromising pose.
I prefer conquerer worm.

I have a cardinal in my neighborhood that likes to look at his reflection in my window. I snapped a picture of him. Unfortunately it’s a cardinal and not a raven/crow. Still sort of looks like this shirt.

Two windows available to “customize” too!

No automatic A, sadly. The raven in the poem sits atop a bust – lit professors are all over the details.

BUT, beautiful design! I agree that it’s the most artistic we’ve seen in awhile.

Great design. Clever and subtle, yet an obvious reference. Not an easy trick to pull off. Well done.

Totally agree.