The Realm of Every Game

Awesome map! Someday I wish to visit the Village of Bossy Loiterers…

I was able to see what shirt went up today through shirt.woot’s facebook page. If anyone else was burning with curiosity like me, they should also check there if there’s another long server maintenance in the future.

At last, it’s up!

This is a funny design, nicely observed, harkening back to the SNES days in a big way. Congrats on the print, larrydavidarmstrong!

If there’s a place you got to get
I can get you there I bet
I’m the Map

Nothing it’s the same before the “Woot Blackout”

I considered buying it until I realized I’d have to stand in place for 60 seconds at a time 30 times a day so people could read it

Congrats LDA! This is your first print right? This blackout will hurt your first day sales but the fact that so few people will get to order it the first day will only increase your later sales which is much better.

It actually reminds me of that old arcade game “crossbow” with the map of locations between scenes…

Congrats on your first print! This is a fun design. :slight_smile:

This is just in time to wear to the midnight release of Skyrim.

Funny. I didn’t buy it for my daughter for the same reason. :wink:

This garment will certainly be more steadfast that its vendor of late.

I must have missed something. What is this Woot Blackout I hear so much about???

I wish it was green so I would match Link when I play Zelda games, but I’m getting it anyway.

I tried the using this map from my house, and ended up here. Strangely ironic.

As a poster I would buy it.

i don’t mean to be a troll, but really? this got voted up in a derby?

I voted for it and will buy it for my husband. While he plays mainly FPS’s these days…at least until Skyrim comes out, he grew up with the classic SNES games. He’d gladly stand in place for 60 seconds for people to read it!
Good job, larrydavidarmstrong.

I think this shirt is better than 90% of the ones that usually make it.

Congrats on your print! …I feel the need to add a comment since there are so few after the “blackout” :slight_smile: