The Realm of Every Game

And we’re back!

There’s so much truth in this design. It’s obvious for RPGs, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that you see almost the same tropes in many action games and platformers as well.

Even Super Mario Bros. 3 has levels that follow this guide.

This shirt is basically the exact game layout of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

This shirt has “gaming night only” written all over it, especially if you likes the ladies.

I must have one.

This reminds me of every mmorpg. But other than that please imagine Borat saying, very nice!

Skyrim!! squee I love this shirt, especially the village of bossy loiterers.

My bank account currently holds $8. Dear shirt, I get paid on Tuesday, and I will be buying you. This also seems like a perfect time to use the buy three random coupon.

Someone mentioned wearing this while playing Skyrum, and now I can’t imagine doing anything else!!

Not at all- as a lady I would absolutely be drawn to a guy wearing this shirt!

Currently stuck in the Ice Cavern of Unreasonable Slippitude in 6 of my DS games. How can you slide on ice so cleanly without any skates?

Wait - does larrydavidarmstrong really live in teh internet?

Best color (So Very Bo-Red With Questing) EVER.

Would make a fantastic poster or wall scroll!

I’m probably not the intended buyer for this shirt (although I buy lots of things from, but I have a real problem with this: I can’t read it. From the comments of others, I think that I can guess just about what it says, but the fact remains that I can’t actually read the words on the screen. And my eyes aren’t too bad, thank you. If I can’t read the words on the screen, I can’t imagine the challenge posed in trying to decipher the wording on the actual, you know, shirt.

For this shirt, the standard image on the screen simply doesn’t work.

Where’s the maze of twisty little passages, all alike?

should be the shop of crappy over priced junk

It’s yet another example of a shirt perhaps better suited as wall-art. Is not poster.woot! long overdue?


I see now this is already being said. I’m reminded particularly of a design by jewelwing:

Hey, anyone who wants to see a larger version of this than they are showing on Woot! can go here: . Hope that helps.

I really don’t think the text will be too tiny when the shirt is printed. Screen resolution on monitors is pretty low, which is making the text seem much less readable and sharp than it would be when printed. But then this is my first printed shirt, so what do I know?

53 min to first woot.
Is that a record?
(I know, the site was down and all, but…)

I don’t think you tried hard enough. The shop right outside that castle seems to have many customers.

Egh… The gamer in me wants this shirt because it is too true, but I wish the design/map were somehow better integrated onto the shirt instead of just map + red shirt. Doesn’t flow with me too well.

That said, I second poster.woot because this would be an insanely awesome map to have.