The Reason for the Season

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The Reason for the Season
Price: $8
Shipping Options: $0 Standard OR $5 Standard International
Shipping Estimates: We love you so much we are expediting your shipping for FREE. Arrives by 7/3. (Thursday, Jun 26 to Tuesday, Jul 01) + transit
Condition: New


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Beautiful shirt. Great execution.

Is Honduras in the US? Oh, this isn’t North American…

For this price will definitely order!
Now, time for some patriotic music.


Great shirt, great price! Check out This Shirt if you missed it. Both are good designs.

Would’ve loved it more if the shirt was made here in the USA too. I’m sure I’m not the only Wooter who doesn’t mind paying more for AA (American Apparel), which are made in Los Angeles, CA.

What is the writing on the flag? I can’t make it out…

The Declaration of Independence

Woot, you messed up, kinda…
Since you charge five bucks shipping per order, and since ya ain’t charging shipping on this shirt order (i.e., no five buck charge), ya shoulda just made shipping for free for any order including the shirt.
Ya woulda sold more stuff.

this makes me think of this shirt, wish this dude would make woot shirts.

Awesome! An American flag shirt w/ the Declaration of Independence written on it and the shirt is made in…Honduras & Nicaragua. BOOOO Woot. 'Murica.


At first I felt bad about buying an American flag shirt made in Honduras and Nicaragua but then I realized that the Honduran and Nicaraguan kids that made this are probably in a border camp down in Texas or Arizona soon to be 'Muricans.

If it were something other than a Patriotic themed shirt I would consider it, but since it is and not made in the US Id have to say No Thanks.


i 100000% agree please bring back the aa shirts.

I agree with all of the above; bring back the AA blanks!

great deal

All you people with “I only buy 'Murhican” attitude must live in homes virtually void of consumer goods.

In fact - how are you even posting here?

I admire your conviction.