The Reason for the Season

I guess I just don’t understand how we could choose aa the last couple days but now all of the sudden it’s anvil only. For a flag shirt.

You must have missed the part where the complaint wasn’t over foreign product – it was using that foreign product as the medium for two distinctly home-grown icons: the flag and the Declaration of Independence.
Aren’t you glad someone explained it to you, since you couldn’t figure it out for yourself?

Me, I’m just looking forward to the day that Woot gives us a page that’s dedicated to selling t-shirts. They could maybe call it Shirt Woot, or something like that! Yeah!!

Walmart actually has a better deal on a t-shirt made in the USA of USA components.

Hey, that’s crazy talk!

(I have no idea what my current shirt count is.)

Indeed. Last week’s derby winner were available on AA shirts for $10. I bought 3 shirts.

I have no qualms paying more for better quality shirts - ones which I don’t have to modify to fit better and one which don’t lose a crapload of length in the wash.

Size at WalMart only goes to XL, so it is out for a lot of us.

Yes, a good deal, but I admit to liking the Woot design better, and I feel like it’s worth the extra few bucks. To each his own of course; it’s a matter of personal taste. Not getting into the other discussion regarding Made-in-where-by-whom" which has its valid points on both sides.

Everyone have a great day today and enjoy the upcoming July 4th, Independence day, Freedom day Juneteenth, and any other moniker you wish to respectfully thrown at it.

I understand way to much of how our government works to be “proud” to be an American.

I’ll be wearing a plain T-shirt on the 4th of July and just not go to work that day.

Can someone pls splain to me how to order shirts in different sizes (one for me, one for each of the kids, etc.)?


Add one to your cart, then return to the product page to add another…

Would buy if the shirt were made in America. Hypocrite shirt imo.

why does it matter?

where did you get your “Merican made” computer to post that comment?

Right Narfcake, especially stuff like this should be made in the good ol’ U.S.of A.!

Seriously! Bought the Friday derby winner on AA! Not buying a supposedly American shirt made in Honduras or anywhere else. Sorry woot, WANT TO BUY AMERICAN!

Can’t buy American if they don’t make American. Does matter when you CAN buy American.

I think it would be more American if it cost $1.05…

American Apparel?

No way. A company rife with misogyny and sexual harassment.

Google it.

Walmart is a blight on the planet. I don’t shop there.

Sacrificing a goat in hopes the woot gods will be pleased with my sacrifice and add an AA option.

I am kinda curious, a lot of people getting upset about this not being made in the USA, how much of your other clothing is made in the USA?
Be proud that we have the choice to buy this or not buy this, that is called Freedom. A lot of people are saying they would spend more money for the American Made Shirts, I would imagine that Woot disagrees with you, or they would be selling the more expensive shirts. If it makes you feel better, Woot is ran in the USA.