The Reason for the Season

hey I just paid $12 for this shirt! Just the other day! Aaanyways. Just give me the fat unicorn already, will you, make the fat old me happy. Here you go. Nice kids.

Well as fun as this is, I should really go to bed.

Knowing my luck Woot is going to pull out the girl version of Just The Two of Us while I am sleeping, and I will cry. Because I need that shirt!

I’m getting this shirt to wear while I play Assassin’s Creed III. Woo!

kinda silly on your part woot. Offering the same shirt for $2 less a couple days later.

First time I’ve felt duped by Woot. It’s not cool that you’re selling this shirt at a discount so soon after featuring it at full price. $2 isn’t much, but it’s the principle of the thing.

The very next day, it was $15, so you really got yours at $3 off. shrug
Look at it as $15 being the regular price, and it’s discounted only for the first 24 hrs it’s offered.
They’re discounting this one by FIVE dollars, because it’s a woot-off.

w00t = honey badger

so, uh, are you going to put it back up for sale at usual prices now?

Aww its sold out. Totally missed it

Make more of this shirt! Please?