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muffins are for

The Revolution of Mr.McGregor’s Garden [viva la salad!] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Grass Woot Tee

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lawn darts is illegal but carrot darts I guess isn’t

Better start hoppin’ down that bunny trail.

OH GOD!!! THE BUNNIES!!! cringes

Oh wait…

they’re killing the bunnies!


Looks like Mr.McGregor is getting revenge after getting his heart stabbed and stolen.


I like the green and orange together, but the design is too silly for me to wear. Would be a great shirt for kids, though.

Our carrots shall block out the sun!

You know you’re in trouble when the enemy starts using itself as ammunition.

“Let the rabbits wear glasses!”

Scatter. SenCarrotura.

This must be in response to In addition to your radishes, I will take this!

from February 20th

Much as I love Ilovedoodle, I really feel like woot looks through an artist’s portfolio and prints the first thing that doesn’t represent their talent that they come across. It’s like some passive-aggressive insistence that real artists are bad and woot derbies somehow are quality.

If I wore this to a church on Easter, do you think I would get dirty looks?

Nice design!

So that’s what happened to the Easter bunny… that’s what you get for being healthy and eating carrots instead of delicious candy.

Take that, bunnies, on behalf of all that is woot.

You had it coming.

Your parody and reference to Bleach made me smile. Well done. :smiley:

Just looking a bit at his portfolio I agree with you, this is a bad representation of this designer. I have not looked at other designers portfolios but I would bet that this does happen often. It is too bad.