The Right to Remain Awesome

Honestly, who wears stripes with spots?

Was beginning to think this derby was going to be a bust. Way to go Boots and Kevlar!!!

Congrats Kev and Boots!

Also illustrates the right to remain excellent. Great combination of styles, nicely moody coloring.

/me smiles

I’d pay good money to see a giraffe wear this.

Congrats Kevin and/or boots the pizza is on you guys.

Congrats to Boots and Kev. Nicely done.

wait…asphalt? I thought it was supposed to be slate…damn!

Design Placement: Right Side

It would appear that the person who wrote the intro is left-right dyslexic (or is that right-left dyslexic…I can never tell).

you wanted color? you get asphalt. that was the tradeoff :slight_smile:

Why should it be expressed from the shirts perspective?

or looking in a mirror
“no, no, MY right side”

Hipster Giraffes are so above it all, they’ve seen stuff you’ve probably never thought to look for.

But mainly because it is so far off in the distance.

cry…I wanted the turtle =(

I’m all about giraffes, so yeah instant buy

Yeahhh!!! I was waiting for this shirt! You made my day BootsBoots.

Thanks a lot everybody!

I was going to say “I snorted pretty hard at that”, but then I remembered that for giraffes, snorting is a sign of alarm rather than amusement. I wouldn’t want the woot writer(s) to take my snorting the wrong way, so… FUNNY JOKE GUYZ haw haw haw