The Road to My Heart is Paved with Ugly Cats

I must say, I got a hell of a chuckle out of this, bootsy. :smiley:

Fine print - (Provide your own sharpie for side road diversions.)

Ugly cats!? I am offended.

Good grammar ftw

All the best things you can wear on a shirt in public. Yeah! Can’t decide which is my favorite but it’s a good map to how to cheer up on a grey day. Just pick one and win (in the pre Charlie Sheen sense). Yeah!

I just don’t understand this shirt.

Knowing Boots’ style, I have to admit that I expected far more mustaches and cookies, and not as many ugly cats and waffles.

That fine tip marker looks phenomenal! :smiley:

I love that it was done with a Sharpie®. Congrats

Uh… The cookies look like a nutsack, and as hard as I try, I can’t unsee this.

NOTHING is better than a plate of warm cookies! Except maybe a nap. And this shirt. And my Dodgers winning the World Series.

Nope, nothing better than cookies.

(and this shirt)

Was just thinking the same. These cookies I’m eating now seem much less appetizing.

I’ll wait for the GPS version.

I dont get it eather.

I dont have a clue about this shirt. So I say it belongs in a museum!

What is this?

I didn’t get it in the derby and I don’t get it now…lots of people seem to love it…hmmm

Maybe I don’t have a heart? I know I have tons of sharpies…in lots of different colors even.

LOL it’s a cat? I thought it was a weasel. =D

Thanks for the votes! Now I can take a nap. :slight_smile:

It’s like a bunch of wacky things that someone could like, the silly little things that touch the heart (or lead to it, in this case).

Think of the random little things that get to you and make you happy. Draw all of them on a path to your heart. That’s your personal version of this shirt.

Or so how I saw it anyways.

So glad this got printed. <3

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