The Rock Art Of Ryan Rabass

who is “RDCP” ???

What, you don’t know? That’s the Red Dot Chili Peppers!! Geez…

That, and paying tribute to Axl Rose, loser grande, are unforgivable.

It’s fixed. RHCP.

…but none of these artworks are of The Rock, or any other wrestlers-turned-“actors.” Eh, woot!!!

Funny…3 hours after you stated it is “fixed” it still says RDCP all over the place. :smiley:

Sometimes our admin system hates us. Today seems to be one of those days.

It’s fixed now.

Was that a Quality Psst? :slight_smile:

Sure, why not?

Although the person fixing it was about to change it to Red Damn Chili Peppers when she found it out it still wasn’t fixed after she’s done so 3 times now.

I really like the Frehley but if there was an Eddie from Iron Maiden I would be all in. ( Hint, Hint Mr. Rabass!)

When I was young enough to hang something as cool as these in my apartment I would have been to broke to buy them.
Today my teenagers would think I lost my mind if I put these on the living-room wall.
Oh, if only I could break away from the restraints of conventional society.

Is it me, or is John Paul Jones missing from the Zeppelin painting? How many different ways does that guy get disrespected? He is one of my favorite bassists ever, not to mention being responsible for most of the band’s string arrangements.

If you have teenagers they probably think anything you do is crazy, uncool or weird anyway. DO IT!