The Rock Original Tripod

After praying to the Wootgods for months asking for a tripod, I bought one on Craigslist for $25 a few days ago. The Wootgods work in mysterious ways.

Anyone know if by “quick release” they are talking about the leg adjustments or the camera mount?

It looks like the camera mount.

I might be wrong after reading the description.

“The TP-200 Tripod features three-section, aluminum locking legs with two extensions and quick release locks”

Both. The locks for the leg extensions flip open/closed to release, and the camera mount has a quick release as well.

Amazon has it for a tad over $30. Reviews are what I’d expect.

Im waiting for a nice USB microphone to come about

It’s the most electrifying tripod in sports entertainment.

Not hatin’ on short people, but 54" is way too low.

I took a look at the Carson website, and yes, it is BOTH.
Not a bad price, but already have a couple of tripods so *no thanks *woot.

n41 thx woot!

The mounting base does not quick-release, and I can’t figure out if the “Rock Original” (this one) has a bubble level the way the “Rock Jr” does.

This one does have a hinged base though, so you can easily switch from landscape to portrait aspect shots.

I recently got the Samsung 20.3MP camera, so this will come in handy.

Actually YES it does have a camera mount quick release. It also seems to have the bubble level.
See this videofor details on the tripod.

Wooters go crazy waiting for the next item.

Two days in a row they had a tripod.

So if I buy 2 tripods, I can put them together and have one sexpod, right?