The Royal Shame

One-eyed Jacks are always doing crazy things…

Congrats on the print, Wenceslao!

I have to imagine that a pierced card isn’t tournament legal.

Congrats Wences! This is a really nice looking tee!

Congrats walmazan!

I think it’s a appropriate shirt for Mom’s day since I’m sure there are a lot of us kids who made our parents this mad with our “creative” tendencies…

Congrats! As for the Jack, poor parental efficacy is to blame.

Walmazan holds tonight’s winning hand. Congrats Wences! This is one of your best ones yet.

For shame!

LOL, I thought this one was a “Prince Albert” joke but I’m pretty that’s not intentional. =D

Congrats Wenceslao! You’re on a roll!

I love the facial expressions that Walmazan put on this print to express the King and Queen’s frustration. Royal shame indeed! :slight_smile:

They’re just mad cause he hasn’t shaved, cut his hair, or put on a decent shirt. Then again, the Jack’s parents remind me of my parents, fiance, little brother, and Barney Stinson (who tells me to “SUIT UP!”).

What you can’t see off the card is Jack’s other piercing. If he could show it to you, you’d find out why the ladies think he’s actually a spade.

Great artwork on this one. The shadows are so detailed that you can’t tell it’s a three-color screenprint.

What’s more, this just seems like an extremely wearable red shirt. Not all designs on red tees hold that appeal for me.

Well done, Walmazan, for a solid concept and design all around.

hmmm “One-eyed jacks”… we wouldn’t be insinuating anything sexual would we?

Walmazan’s characters always have such amusing expressions. Congrats!

More that he’s marked.

I mean, it’s pretty obvious with that ring hanging off the corner that you’ll be getting 10 points taken off your hand if you win it in a game of Hearts.

the heart tattoo and wristband are a nice touch :] (oh, the stubble is too, just saw it haha) congrats on the print!

Dad is having a royal fit.

only until you brought it up…

ya pervy card player, you. XP

Congrats on another great pring, Wences! We’re going to need a shirt.walmazan.woot, if this continues.