The Royal Shame

This reminds me of that scene where Longshanks helped his son’s friend to some fresh air.

No. They don’t call Mr. Jack “The Hammerhead” for nuthin. So I am told.

Two Deck themes in a row? Can we say “Recarded” ?

A suicide king would really show that Jack what’s what!

Love it! Very unique and detailed.

Maybe it’s time to reshuffle the deck.

Looks like Jack was hoping to celebrate the royal bedding.

That’s one I’d support!

Does any one else feel like the pierced card is what sells it for them? I don’t just mean the one that the Jack is sporting within the card, but the fact the card itself is sporting an earring.

I know that’s what made this a sale for me. (despite the fact I am likely to catch grief for too many recent woot shirts bought recently.) Gulp…

Oooh, it’s a crying shame! At first glance, I thought Jack was rocking out, Queen was singing, and King was playing air guitar… o_O

Excellent work, WA.

King of Diamonds = Julius Caesar
Queen of Diamonds = Rachel (of the Bible)
Jack of Diamonds = Hector of Troy, or alternately, Roland of France.

Maybe this will be the next family sitcom… The angry dad, the passive mom and a rebel son get into some crazy shananigans but realize at the end that no matter how different they are together they’re quite the family… let’s call it “Diamonds are Forever”

The queen looks royally flushed, while the king looks like he’s about to pull an ace out of his sleeve. Great emoting from characters we are so used to seeing a lot less expression from. Congrats on another well deserved print walmazan.

I love that in addition to his ear, Jack has his actual card pierced too. Now that’s commitment to the statement. Kind of makes me wonder what eles he might have pierced…

Woooooo the Royal Shame is a win! I wonder if Prince, oh excuse me, Duke William would look good with spiky hair. Course he would need some hair first, eehhheeehehe. ^^; I guess there’s always Harry. <3

Way to go, Walmazan! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

NO NO NO…they have destroyed tgentry!!!

Thank you Woot for the Radiohead reference at the end, time to pull that CD off the shelf again…

Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more! Sorry couldn’t resist.

I always blame poor genetic material.

I like the drawing and concept, but it fails to come off as being clever or funny to me since the Jack is not the son of the king or queen but rather the servant. A rogue jack would more likely be beheaded if he were to mock the king somehow.