The Rustic



Nope. It’s got a rainbow.


It’s a bit tough to see, I would think… being in that spot.


very gothic looking i dont think im gonna go for this


Neato. Sorta Pink Floydish


Why does it look like the tree is topped with pubic hair?


SICK! Definitely in for one of these bad boys.


pretty sweet
oh nice
i was the first sucker!


LRG knockoff?


What’s with all the tree and root shirts - every target/kohls/walmart has them


NOW this is nice and interesting.


nice shirt…got 1


I like the design, but it might draw attention to my beer gut.


That is a bomb ass tree woot, finally a design worthy of my 10 bucks.


First shirt I have to have! Yay woot!


Damn. Ya just had to throw the pride rainbow in there. You coulda gotten away with maybe two or three colors


Pretty cool design - looks like shirt.woot is finally hitting its stride. I dunno if I’d wear it enough to warrant the $10 expense, though.


not sure how i feel about this shirt. it’s also boring black again, but you cant back a rainbow with much else


i think the shirt is cool but i agree it’s a bit goth, might skip it…


My immediate glance was that it looked kind of cool. After taking a closer look, it looks like pubic hair on top of a rainbow. That’s just not my style, sorry.

Also, can’t stand black shirts. I have three of them and that’s more than enough.