The S'mores

Yeah kevlar! This really is an epic job with textures. I like this shirt and if I actually liked s’mores, I might be lighting a fire ; )

Now this is a band I can’t imagine EVER breaking up. On the other hand, their deliciousness is dangerous. They wouldn’t be able to appear in public more than once or twice before someone eats them.

I loved this when I saw it, I voted for it, I thought warmer thoughts about the Doors than I have in years, and I realized how fracking old I am when I remembered how exciting it had been to discover the Doors long before they became popular.

I may be too damned old for this Tshirt.

At first I LOLed because funny. But then confused. I dunno about you but when I make s’mores my marshmallows are visibly toasted (I actually set them on fire). Why isn’t this one?

There are too few pictures of the band post-formation, since they got eaten so quickly. They had to use older pictures of the band mates for this shirt, obviously.

Try explaining this one to somebody who wasn’t a teenager in the 70’s

This is a tasty shirt! And it really captures the Derby theme well: the font and layout are very reminiscent of concert shirts.

Way to go, Kevlar! Congratulations on the print.

Congrats Kevin, and RIP Jim S’morrison.

At least John Den***smore*** is still with us.

The guitarist for the S’mores was great - really played some tasty licks…

At first glance, it looked like it had a long, graham cracker sleeve.

Sure, the S’mores had their meltdowns but it was only because they were Waiting For The Sun for too long

People are Strange, but I’m sure they’ll Love this shirt Madly 'till The End

Quality Post!

I really want to like this.

The doors were one of the first bands I liked, discovered while going through my dad’s vinyl collection as a kid. However, the graphic is just too large for my taste.

I’ve noticed this with some other shortwoot’s as well. I’ll buy a design I really like and then, when I get it home and put it on, the graphic is so large it covers the entire front of the shirt. I feel like I have a plastic billboard on my chest because heavy application of the ink they use tends to build up and stiffen the fabric.

I was fully expecting this to take first place, but second place works too.
Damn fine design kevlar!

I was a teenager in the 90s and I absolutely loved The Doors. :slight_smile:

Congrats Kevlar!

if you are making them in the microwave they don’t toast. Although, nothing compares to toasted when you have a craving you do what you gotta do.