The Same Importer as the Cavedoni Botte Piccola

ooooooo… Dats da good stuff! In for some balsamic vinaigrette!

How does the three year balsamic compare to the seven year balsamic?

The Cavedoni Botte Piccola is sold out? I think there will be a revolt in my house if I cannot replenish our supply.

We love to use the Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo as one of our finishing oils when cooking Swiss Chard or Kale with some garlic, red pepper flakes and roasted pine nuts. :slight_smile:

I would like to know this, too.

From an Amazon review

I’ll give the Cavedoni Il Caratello a try, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some more of the fabulous Botte Piccola.

Yeah, I am surprised that (a) there was so little of it, and (b) people could buy 3 when the last few times 2 was the max.

I have a dumb questions, I bought a bottle of Asaro oil from another place, it has some weird open mechanism where once we taken the screw cap off there was another plastic closing that we couldnt even puncture with a corkscrew or a knife. Any suggestions?

Ohhhh nooooo!!! I missed the Cavedoni Botte Piccola!!!

Olivestri Siloro olio nuovo

I tried this oil from woot! last year. I was very impressed BUT when the bottle arrived it was in a solid form but NOT frozen! I thought it was frozen and was in a panic… did some research and let it slowly thaw properly.

I contacted the owners thru the site by email and phone: Howard Case. They responded quickly by email and seemed very concerned about the oil!

It was the first time to have such an oil. My neighbor is a top chef but it was a first for him too. We both loved the oil but still wondered if the oil was compromised!

The twist top cap would never close tight and I found it leaked!

When I again questioned the owners both by email and phone they ended all communications! Rather stupid as the chef wanted to order a large amount for his establishment.

Then I get an email about this years olive crop in Italy and how the Italian olive crop was a complete failure… and they will be using a different formula to product this years oil. Saying they will def sell out as it is so limited etc, etc, etc…

btw, list price is $40/bottle NOT the $50 listed here!

One of the questions I had that was never answered was about how they air freighted the bottles… I have flown many international flights with some being very warm and some freezing. I wondered if they had the oil in a warm part of the plane or if it came in a pretty solid form if not frozen from Italy?

I think I know why they never answered my second email!

I just got my 6pk of California Olive Ranch - Limited Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil $20/500ml bottles or $16.66/bottle w/6pk. Not sure if the code still works but VIPLIMITED = another 20% off.

Ugh! Why do we have to check out with Amazon!!! It won’t let me as someone hacked my amazon account years ago and I closed that account… And it won’t let me open another as it says I have an account. SO FRUSTRATING.

I have bought from woot for years - but won’t be able to now

I totally get the frustration. Just as a suggestion, you could set up another email address to create a new Amazon account. I realize that’s a little ‘clunky’, but it’s doable.

2nd time buying the balsamic. Really quite a good quality and value. Here’s a tip from a chef: To thicken and increase the flavor of thin balsamic, cook it very slowly at just below a simmer. Let it reduce by almost half. I know, you are losing half of the vinegar, but what is left will be much thicker and have a stronger flavor. I use a small bottle with a glass tube/rubber bulb in it to take up a few drops at a time, and drop just a few drops on things like hard cheese, ice cream, strawberries etc. Try it with one of these bottles, or another one you may already have.

Not a large difference in my opinion. Both are excellent. You will not be disappointed in the 3 yr.

Have you tried calling Amazon? I would think they could help you.\

If you use yahoo email you can easily set up another account. I have a couple that I use for keeping certain things out of my regular account.

How do these anchovies keep once the jar is open, or do you have to gobble up the whole pound of them immediately? That’s a bunch of pizzas.

What? You can’t eat a pound of anchovies in a sitting?
They keep well in the refrigerator. Since they are heavily salted they are preserved for the ages. Ancient method of preserving fish. Seriously

It’s back again, for a limited time. Get it while you can.

Missed it again! Any chance of one more showing? Pleeeeeaaase?!?!?!