The Same Importer as the Cavedoni Botte Piccola

I had a fortuitous discovery quite recently - I found an unopened bottle of Botte Piccola that I bought back in 2008. It was misplaced when I moved, ended up in a box I didn’t open right away, and I somehow forgot that I had it. I haven’t opened it yet, but I’m sure that will change before long.

not this year (damn port delays…!)

Has anyone else learned that their Cavedoni Balsamic vinegar ordered way back on 12/4 wont arrive by Christmas?!? Where was the nifty graphic showing that it wouldn’t arrive in time? Sure as heck wasn’t there or I wouldn’t have wasted the time.

And to top it off I now have to scramble and find another gift idea.

Used to love this place…

Yeah, I kind of assumed that Xmas was not a possibility after contacting Woot and getting a less-than-optimistic response that basically said, “Please continue to wait.”

Arghhhhh! I was assuming Christmas as well for something ordered on 12/4. Just checked and no movement. The 2 pack balsamic. Bummer.

I would hope those show up before Xmas, that’s a sizeable blunder since there was no xmas discussion on the sale either way it was assumed to be a non-issue and these would make it long before Xmas. I personally don’t buy Xmas gifts from here in December because I don’t trust the shipping to get there in time. Now the Black Friday wine I bought got here that very next week as did the Q4.

Not holding much hope, but thanks for the encouragement. Shipping was supposed to be between 3-8 business days, of which I’m never sure if that means of the ordering date or end of the offer. In this case I believe it was the same anyway. We shall see.

I know zero specifics of your order, but have asked for this to be clarified directly on the site a number of times. The 3-8 business days for wine.woot orders means the actual shipping time once in-transit. This has nothing to do with the purchase date or sale-end date. I believe they refuse to make this notation on the site because they know it would cause a huge loss of business.

Thanks for the info. So basically the time-frame provided is useless. I honestly had no idea.

I’m a little bitter about it. My daughter will be opening a mostly empty box for Christmas that has a picture of the vinegar and a note, Sorry this is empty, blame it on Woot. "

Someone must have kicked a little rear-end. I just received tracking that the Cavedoni Il Caratello Italian Balsamic 2-Pack was shipped today via FedEx Standard Overnight, arriving tomorrow Christmas eve by 8pm. It’s cutting it close, too close, but if it makes it by say 4pm I can make it work since I wasn’t shipping it elsewhere.

Yes, it’s 11:50 AM on Christmas Eve morning, and I just arrived home to find my package of vinegar waiting for me on my door step. Overnighted through FedEx, which must have cost a lot of money for shipping.

Whoever is responsible for making this happen, please let me say that I am extremely and genuinely grateful for you getting this to me by Xmas, in time to give as my daughter for a gift. I’m sorry for the bitter things I said earlier in my frustration, and I can’t say enough about what this act/gesture means to me. I’m not sure who to thank, whether it’s Woot or some other vendor, the importer, whoever; but whoever it was that took this extra effort–the act is more than most people would even bother to attempt, and I am actually in awe of what you did. Someone listened, sympathized, paid attention, and fixed it! Amazing.

Now I’ll stop because I feel like I’m in some Patrick Stewart Christmas movie and I’ve just learned the true meaning of Christmas spirit or whatever.

I apologize for all the bitching and moaning I did, and, again, I am very grateful for this extra bit of attention expressed on your part, and the actions you took to back it up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

EDIT: “lady elfing.” Think female dog, gerund form (or whatever, I ain’t no grammarian).

and we needed every minute… thanks for the patience. this has been a tawdry tale filled with port delays, teamsters, east coast - west coast importer rivalry and express shipping… phew…

While mine shows sent out yesterday via FedEx overnight for delivery today to Chicago, the last tracking update shows the package in Memphis TN at 7:21 this morn. Doubting delivery today if that is accurate.

Edit: No (balsamic)soup for me. Overnight will be 3 day assuming it gets delivered on Friday.

Soup for me. The 2-pack balsamic was just delivered, Christmas morning. I guess some FedEx drivers must be making some extra holiday cheer huh?

Santa drives a white truck :slight_smile: