The Samurai and the Sea Dragon

what’s it say?

Awesome shirt!

Can’t stand the way the kanji looks on this one. Otherwise good design.

I’m still confused why the sea was brown. I think this could have been better with blue-green/sea colors instead.

I think the sea dragon will win this one. Sorry, samurai.

this is totally a guys shirt…wnb

hope drakxxx wins 3rd…unfortunately, i think the spork shirt is gonna win 3rd…oh well…u can’t win 'em all… :slight_smile:

hmm… reminds me of a more… Classy Samurai Jack vs Aku

For the record a sea dragon is a relative of the seahorse.

hmmm should i get to wear to aikido?

This shirt actually depicts the never before seen part of Dragonball Z where Yajirobe summons the Great Dragon to wish for the ability to not suck at everything.

I really like these dragon shirts. So far I only passed up one. Definitely ordering one of these that had dragons on it. Ordering now!

in for one

Samurai Yells: “I have come for your head dragon!”

Dragon emerges from below the sea: “We shall see, you little meat stick!”

I got Shenlong (from DBZ) vs. Jack, but you’re right, the colors are Aku-ish

Either way, I’m in for at least one!

Great design, but it loses its impact on the asphalt.

edit: Jaden’s got it right on the mark. It’s the brown sea colors against the asphalt. Maybe the print will turn out better than the pic.

Epic shirt! Really awesome, congrats!

Hmmm until now I actually didn’t realize the brown was supposed to be the sea… I thought it was clouds of dirt/dust coming up by the dragon. Guess I must have looked really quickly at the title!

The samurai is thinking, “I have a sharp blade. I’ll have dragon sushi tonight.”

The dragon is thinking, “Oh, look, my lunch comes with a shiny toothpick!”

i think my head just exploded from reading all the s words