The Savage Fist Of... Drinkware!

Time to stock up on extra mugs and drinkware for holiday entertaining! Who’s in?

Anyone know if these are flat on the bottom or have an indent. I have some pfaltzgraff cups I am getting rid of because of the anyoying indent that collects water when they are upside down in the dishwasheer.

If you have friends getting married, check out their wedding registries for the Michelangelo glasses; they are commonly put on registries at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. And I believe that BBB will still allow the couple to “return” them to their local BBB for credit even without a BBB receipt…

Luigi Bormioli C343K Michelangelo Burgundy glasses are $27.50 on Amazon. This is a great deal!

Duralex drinkware? Have a set, dropped one of the empty glasses off the table onto my tile flooring, the glass bounced about six times, not a nick, crack or scratch. Get some.

Will those Paula Deen mugs make me look fat?