The Season Awakens

Who knew the Force could be so festive.

Holiday sweater or cool video game based on beloved movie franchise?

The Force is festive, all right, at least on Woot! :slight_smile:

There’s something I’ve been wondering about for years…

Do Storm Troopers ever smile? Or get any Christmas presents?

Call me crazy but why not offer this as an ACTUAL sweater? smh

The sweater is unlikely, but where is the sweatshirt?

First Order stormtroopers are always smiling!

And thanks for triggering Star Wars Holiday Special flashbacks!

Here, let me share: [youtube=Z4CtXcjib4o][/youtube]

Time for me to join the dork side.

Didn’t we cover this yesterday? Make this in a real sweater. I will buy with money.

I completely agree. Make it happen, Woot.

I’ll be shocked if Disney doesn’t clamp down on the “unlicensed” stuff like this (obviously star wars).

Falls under fair use. Parody, etc…
There have been HUNDREDS of shirts offered on woot with obvious characters from movies and comic books and games.

got mine. crooked print, can still see the screen square around the print as well. 2nd time ive gotten bad quality prints from woot. NEVER AGAIN WOOT!! EVER!!!save your money for 6$SHIRTS.COM.

Sorry about the crooked print. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.