The Season of Change

Would any of you mind sharing with me your interpretations (hope i spelled that right) of this shirt? Somebody said it has a David Bowie reference?

Kinda like it…kinda scared too.

I changed my mind. I think there’s a reason so many people want it – it really is that good. In for one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Miiine all mine, and I got to use my coupon on it too!
This is just so beautiful, elegant and somber all wrapped in one.

Sure is, the more I look at it the more I love it. Everything just seems to flow right and the colors are perfect. If there was one autumn shirt to get, this one is it. But the colors represent Autumn very well.

Quick, innocent question: How many contract killings do you have to carry out to afford all these fscking t-shirts?

Such an awe inspiring shirt. I’ve been waiting to Woot for weeks now (since I discovered this site), and haven’t seen anything a fraction as good as this tee. Not my color, but I bought it anyway. At least I can stare at the graphic, and wish it was in blue.

Not that many, and in fact I get a kick out of wearing my woot shirts on the job.

But at 10 a shirt with free shipping, I mean, who can’t afford them?

As long as you don’t flip a coin to decide.

I’m sure your marks find the tortured anthropomorphic food ones particularly hilarious.

This is amazing. Your skeleton was wonderfully incorporated without being obnoxious or Halloweeny like they often are.

I think that was referring to the title of the shirt write-up, Strain And Turn Your Face, Ch-Ch-Changes
It’s a twist on the lyrics from David Bowie’s Changes.

CLUE: more votes were cast for the 1st and 2nd place shirts (hint hint)

Love the shirt, hate the colors. Will sell out anyways. Grats to the artist.

Congratulations, it’s a beautiful design!

Very cool design. Grats to the artist but I don’t think I’d want to wear it.

stunning…should have taken first.

Dee Ess Day-leck, of course.

Oh cool I see. Thanks for replying to me =) Im still not sure what is going on in this picture though. Is the tree unraveling into a skeleton because autum is here or is the skeleton turning into a tree?

This design is gorgeous and I love it. I just can’t decide if I want it on a shirt. :[