The Season of Change

Well, well, the Pacific Northwest is buying a lot. How deciduous of them! It is a great design.

Anyway, regarding the pronunciation, I’m guessing it’s something like “DSL-Addict”. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

in for one. love it. :slight_smile:

they’re only $10 including shipping. unless i go to my local thrift store, i can’t find quality t-shirts for less than this. (note: the thrift stores’ shirts are definitely not “quality”.) and these are limited runs, so you know you’re not wearing the same “billabong” or “hurley” or “volcom” shirt that everyone who shopped at “Ross” is wearing.

when i had my own shirts screen-printed (one color, double-pass), the total cost for shirt + ink + screen + labor was about $8/shirt if i did it in bulk (~100 shirts). this was american apparel gear i got at wholesale price.

I haven’t been this excited for a derby shirt in a long time; congrats to dsladek.

[QUOTE=redstickman, post:43, topic:186162]
they’re only $10 including shipping. unless i go to my local thrift store, i can’t find quality t-shirts for less than this.

WHAT??? have you actually purchased a shirt form this site… def. NOT quality!

Got mine! Awesome shirt. I will wear it proudly along with Energy Harvester.

Love the design, but why the heck is it centered? blech. lame.

smart guy. i was more questioning the tastes of the voters. but then again, we americans aren’t necessarily known for our intellect when it comes to voting, hmmm?

In my head, it’s always got an eastern-European-y sort of sound to it: dizz-LA-dyek, and the man himself looks like this really gorgeous, charming fellow I knew at Uni, who just so happened to sell drugs for the Russian mob …

My imagination is a fun place, but probably a long way from factually accurate.

This design is sick! Waiting for it to come up, and I’m in for one. Nice design man.

depends upon the topic being voted upon I suppose, hmmm

i love this. to me it really represents the seasons changing without looking too ‘undead’ or halloween. very autumn, not just “october BOOO”

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Best. Writeup. Ever.

My ego wants to think this was a reference to me. My post count makes me think it is more a reference to George Shaw, who created the word in the first place.

why is woot making all of these fall season shirts lately?
this ones pretty tho
but ahh i have enough shirts as it is

Grats to the artist. Sweet coloration!!

Glad this made the final cut. In 4 one–

well they say every day in the write up. and since we just had an autumn derby, it had fall shirts.

Next weekend we’ll have shirts inspired by movie titles, based on this week’s theme.

This shirt is the 2nd one I’ve gotten in almost 2 years – Other then random shirts that is. Says a lot - Nice job.

I thought for sure the other one would have won. Been waiting so I could buy it and now I can’t. Darn… This one is nicely done but not one I would really wear.

Cool design. Glad this one got printed