The Shredder


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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This shirt reminds me of skulls


clever shirt, especially if you work in an office.

skip video to 2:17


has there really only been three comments or are they getting deleted?

I’m not into shredding or skulls, so I don’t feel as though I can do this shirt justice


That’s what it’s supposed to remind you of L O L

great job with the skull, AJ. Although paper shredded skulls aren’t quite my ticket, I’m sure you’ve hit a selling point with others good job.


Am I the only one who’s tired of skulls on t-shirts?


I’d look like a real scary mama walking down the street in one of these!


I think there’s some hidden messages written with all that shredded paper.


Lack of love and hate=meh


You can never ever have too many skulls can you?


Can never tire of Skulls on T-Shirts! :slight_smile: Actually hope a few others I’ve seen in past derbies make it through at some point. :slight_smile: I’m in for one.


Okay. Can anyone else see words? Have I had too much wine.woot? Maybe it’s all the cheese…

I might have to buy one just so I can play it backwards.


this is awesome, in for 3


Cliche list:

  • Skulls
  • Penguins
  • Trees
  • Messages about mammary glands
  • Messages about male sex organs
  • Arrows pointing at the wearer’s body


Congrats to the designer! I can’t even imagine the process that went in to making all these little paper shreds. I think the concept is a really good one, I just wish the design wasn’t so large on the shirt. But I guess the tiny shreds would really be lost on the shirt if the design were any smaller. Anyway I think the world can handle another skull shirt :slight_smile:


WOW ASPHALT SHIRTS ARE SOOO AWESOME I love how un-colorfast they are


I love tree shirts -.-

and yea, congrats on the shirt designer, but just aint my thing =)


a skull on asphalt. wow. amazing reach there woot…i just love it when you take risks!

this is really sad. it’s not even a good skull :frowning:


“What is it about this calcium briefcase for the brain that the modern world finds so compelling?”

Hahaha, clever. I like this design, but not enough to buy…yet.