The Sleep of Reason Produces Flying Turtles

YAY! I am so glad this printed!

I have to imagine that actual plumbers have much more hideous nightmares than this.

An unpleasant dream might be good for Mario - it’ll wake him up faster. Sleeping like that has got to be killer for his back.

It makes sense. Plumbing and gas valves run side by side. It was only a matter of time, paisanos.

Congrats :smiley: I like the increased saturation/contrast of the colors as well, though I’m not sure it’s intentional.

Not a doubt crossed my mind when I clicked buy.

I love the Goya reference! Hooray for Spanish art. :smiley:

Hylians will not “get” this shirt because they are of a higher class and are not familiar with the potty humor of common plumbers.


They are going to get your pipe wrench.

Nice! Congrats. It’s definitely one of the more subtle Mario references I’ve seen.

I’ve been in the mood to buy a Woot shirt for quite a bit…so glad an excellent one finally printed. Congrats, Robbie. You deserved it!

I feel like I was just whacked in the head with a blue flying shell.

You have to blow on this shirt to make the nightmare load in your head. If not, all you get are a bunch of pixelated title screens.

itsa me - Maaaaaarrrrriiiiiooo

Is the sasquatch looking thing supposed to be a goomba? Just wonderin’…

Seems like he only dreams in black and white.

Donkey Kong, son.

That would be Donkey Kong, the flaming barrel goes with him too.

Good design. Not my style, but props. But woot wins on the write-up. Haha. Makes me giggle.